Five things you need to know: The Edge District

The local area is changing all the time but recently, localities in the Historic Triangle have been trying to create a new “Edge District” to promote economic development.

While the district is still in the early stages of planning, locals and tourists should be prepared to see a marketing campaign soon. Here’s what you need to know about the Edge District:

  1. Location: The Edge District will encompass food and beverage businesses that run along Second Street, Merrimac Trail, Capitol Landing Road and the 143 Corridor. This is the place that runs of the edge of all there localities in the area, which is how the district got its name.
  2. Who’s involved: The new district is being formed with the help of all three localities, James City County, the Williamsburg and York County. In addition, the project has pulled two companies, Draper Aden Associates and Consociate Media, to help with the branding and the public procurement process.
  3. Timeline: Localities started discussions about The Edge District in mid-2019 and started meeting with businesses later in the year. Most recently, Consociate Media has also started meeting with businesses in the future district in order to learn the story and character of the area. There isn’t a set timeline for when the marketing plan will take place but local leaders hope to have a formal presence in the area by July 4.
  4. Money Matters: Each locality has contributed $2,000 to get the project started. The area has also earned a $600,000 Brownfields Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency that will help conduct environmental assessments and redevelopment plans for the area.
  5. Future plans: While the localities and contractors continue to figure out how to best execute a marketing strategy for the area, there are currently ideas to host festivals, events, feature frequent visitor cards, or social media scavenger hunts.

Published in the WY Daily on March 9, 2020.